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1. Do you do commissions?

I do. There is a list in a journal on the right on my wall. The status update you find under my nickname on main page also. Current status is: opened

2. How to read your nickname..?

A haaa!! It is Preshia :#1: (Most of people read presea)

3. What do you use for drawing?

I use Imac Retina, tablet intuos4 wacom and photoshop.

4. do you do art trades, requests?

Not really. Only for my friends, when I have some time.

5. how long have you been drawing?

Whole life. For real, since I turned 20.

6. What school did you finish?

A kind of 2 years studium. I finished fashion design degree and graphic design degree. I attanded to the university for few months but I resigned because of lack of commercialism (drawing triangles, doing strange installations or learning about people who offends other by their art, wasn't exactly what I was expecting to learn)

7. How much are your commissions?

Character sheet - 145$, Character wardrobe in psd - 145$, Illustration, 200$ - 500$

8.. I have a project I wan't you to attend in

Okay, but I need written agreement for that. And I work for hours. Usually half-time = 4h.
Currently I don't have more time to spare, so I can't take part in any new project.

9. How do you make lines so thin?

It's resolution thing.

10. Who is the worst character of all time?

Olle of course.


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Mon Jan 23, 2017, 11:53 AM

Hi guys. 

The second list is now opened. Means you can take slots, but I will have to finish those commissions I have on the list below, first. You will find the list in the bottom of the journal

Because of my other work and commitments my prices got higher. But that won't change within next two years. ( price for current commissioners is old) 
Character sheet: 145$ 
Character sheet example by Precia-T   Muir - character sheet by Precia-T   Ariane - commission by Precia-T

Illustration: 200$ - 500$ (those visible with one characters are usually around 200$, more characters or technically detailed interiors, will be more expensive) TARGA - Nebula by Precia-T   TARGA: Felicia - commission by Precia-T   TARGA: Lippo by Precia-T   TARGA: Marlehne in a tavern by Precia-T

 Painting: 270$ - 500$ (bunch of pictures or giant paintings, or bigger projects that are over the price I can not accept at the moment) 
Marie Matheron by Precia-T   Marie Matheron by Precia-T   Haller - digital painting by Precia-T  Horses portraits painting are 150$ 

COMIC PAGES - 130$ and up depending on details and quality. (I'm sorry, I'm not accepting comic pages 10+) ten is maximum in a row. 

Suzu by Precia-T

SINGLE FULLBODY in high resolution - 65$ each
Commission - Character designs by Precia-T   Character designs Commission by Precia-T
What do you draw: Everything
When will you be able to finish my commission?: as soon as possible. First I have to finish my old commissions. 

If you are interested please send me a note!


48. :iconshortskirtsxplosions: DONE
49. :iconzephyr-aryn:  DONE
50. :iconrln: DONE
51. :iconroscoefromthelane: DONE
53. :iconindustrial180: DONE
54. :iconindustrial180: DONE
55. :iconindustrial180: DONE
56. :iconindustrial180: DONE 
57. :iconindustrial180: DONE
58. :iconmichelle-jp: doing........................

61. :iconroxion214:DONE
62. :iconroxion214: DONE
63. :iconpyroflare77: DONE

71. :iconblackmn: DONE
72. :iconblackmn: doing ............................
73. :iconblackmn:
74. :iconblackmn:
75. :iconfkkester: DONE
76. :iconsilverfox442:
77. :iconsilverfox442:
78. :iconsilverfox442:
79. :iconkylejcrb: DONE
80. :iconunboundking:   doing........................
81. :iconunboundking:
82. :iconjohndylena: DONE
83. :iconkaneko-sama: doing.......................
84. :iconkaneko-sama:
85. :iconkaneko-sama:
86. :iconkaneko-sama:
87. :iconkaneko-sama:
88. :iconbobett7: doing...............................
89. :iconbobett7:
90. :iconn-i-k-n-a-k:
91. :iconn-i-k-n-a-k:
92. :iconn-i-k-n-a-k:
93. :iconn-i-k-n-a-k:
94. :iconn-i-k-n-a-k:

100. :iconembervesent:


1. :iconpolkies:
2. :iconjohn1151:
3. :iconindustrial180:
4. :iconindustrial180:
5. :iconindustrial180:
6. :iconindustrial180:
7. :iconfkkester: wardrobe
8. :iconsilverfox442:
9. :iconsilverfox442:
10. :iconsilverfox442:
11. :iconsilverfox442:
12. :iconryukoou:
13. :iconryukoou:
14. :iconsapphire-spider: illustration
15. :iconsangrepika:
16. :icondernwine:
17. :icondernwine:
18. :icondirtydickdurbin:
19 :icondirtydickdurbin:
20. :iconsockfox:
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43. :iconmagipuvia:
44. :iconmkatkannon:
45. :iconkylejcrb:
46. :iconmaleficentofevil:
47. :iconbattosai1:


Feb 22, 2017
2:20 pm
Feb 22, 2017
2:12 pm
Feb 22, 2017
2:11 pm
Feb 22, 2017
2:10 pm
Feb 22, 2017
2:09 pm


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Many thanks for the faves!

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