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February 18
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Anime anatomy, full body (commission) by Precia-T Anime anatomy, full body (commission) by Precia-T
A commission for ____ and his O'c, model. He asked me to draw angles with specific pose. I changed the hands so the pose is more natural. Except the last one where I left the old pose. 

This is commission. It's other purpose is being a reference for people who like the style I represant. 

EDIT: ABOUT CRITIQUES. Improvement is very important. That is why I have tons of books, teachers that I choose by myself and I draw over 8 hours everyday.  I know this is very important to share opinions under commissions but when I'll need critique I will surely let you know or simply will add a special pool for this matter.( the pool has to contain 200 words I guess so it's a proper way of writing a critiques) 
  If I don't ask for it, nor have a critique pool it simply means that I appreciate you very much but I prefer to ask people that I find authority about anatomy etc.  And means I won't take part in discussion if her left hand has smaller finger or not. So I'd appreciate no more tips or lessons how should I draw so one person will be happy with the result but another 20 unhappy again, so please let me choose authority by myself and the source of learning. 
Very thankful

  Other stuff: 
Female anatomy 2 by Precia-TFemale anatomy by Precia-TTARGA Nebula Relations sheet by Precia-T Felicia casual design (TARGA) by Precia-T TARGA - the main character design (Nebula) by Precia-T 

If you like my art I encourage you to follow me there:
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hurinAliokicolo2 Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you so much!! it is appericated!!
witchblade masane
I thought the same thing!
Voided-Soul Feb 20, 2014  New member Hobbyist Artist
This helps a lot because I'm not as good at drawing girls as i am at drawing guys
Normally I wouldn't comment on something like this but I do aknowledge talent..... I just can't spell it cuz I'm half asleep. Good reason?
And to think all I can draw are stick figures.....

GrumpyDragon Feb 19, 2014  Student General Artist
This isn't to the artist! (who did not intend for this to happen, hopefully), but rather a note to people viewing this sheet as a end-all-be-all to studying anatomy and character construction, because that's not what this work should be used for! This piece is a successful style ref only.

The whole piece is skewed to style; this is /not/ a realistic piece of anatomical study. In anime, the breasts are accentuated, limbs are longer, and the entirety of the body changes according to the style of the artist. I wouldn't critique this on actual anatomical correctness but on stylistic success (if critiques were allowed- the artist kindly requested that they weren't welcome.) Do NOT use this as a basis for understanding the figure! Use this piece as a basis for STYLE. And do NOT begin to draw people stylistically before studying what actual people look like! 

This work is very helpful for some artists out there, and it's always good to increase the reference pool of available work to use as a student, but DON'T treat this as something for a serious illustrator working to study the human form! Use this as a style ref only, because it succeeds as one- not an anatomical model.
was wondering how to draw chicks xD thanks bewbs always kill me lol
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EnsignMinneapolis Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Incredibly useful! Do you have a Male Anatomy guide poster too?
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