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June 24, 2013
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Friendly Villains #4 - Sleeping beauty by Precia-T Friendly Villains #4 - Sleeping beauty by Precia-T
Really. This one should be the first one since I'm Maleficent fan. Anyway yeah. This is it. Friendly villain.

I now am doing Lion king but I was wondering what is popular next because sadly I think I won't be able finish all of them before 2th. So I wanted to make those most popular ._.
Here is:


#3 <-- a ha! different size :shifty:

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TargetGirl Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, my favorite princess! Aurora and Maleficent look fab!
tomisyaolang Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hehe... now that the Maleficent film is about to be out (this May! Can't wait!), this painting is very fitting ^0^
You think this sort of thing will be apparent in the upcoming Maleficent movie?
Except she may still try to kill her.
Hmm...not sure if works, seeing as Maleficent is the Mistress of All hell, it's too cute.
My favorite villain. She is excellent here. Bravo.
I love how you captured the almost missing moment between these two. Maleficent is great because her attitude is very proud, gloating her victory that the princess wants nothing to do with her parents, or being a princess. This is perfect revenge since Maleficent was never really mad at Aurora, just the parents since they didn't invite her. Aurora was the only child the king and queen was ever going to have, and Maleficent's curse insured they never got to raise her.
Oscillus Dec 19, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Oh my God... This... it's perfect. You stayed true to the original style, which is amazing! You're absolutely brilliant :)
The fairies had all been outraged at the mistreatment of their fellow fairy when the young princess had had her name-day celebration. So, when Maleficent had been about to declare her 'special gift' to the King and Queen, Merryweather approached her.

"Don't harm the infant!" the blue fairy said with indignation. "She is an innocent. I am sure if the princess had been able, she would have invited you, as well."

Maleficent paused, and she smirked at the tiny blue fairy, and she said, "You are most correct, my old friend. I should not punish the child for the parent's sins." She stepped close to the cradle, and she raised her hand over her staff, fingers waving over the crystal orb perched atop. 

"My gift to the princess shall be that she will grow up in all the graces and virtues that my friends, Miss Flora and Miss Fauna, bestowed to her. That she shall be as beautiful and as magnificent as all desire her to be. But, she shall, from this day, never see her mother or father again. For I shall take the princess, and raise her, with my sister fairies, as my own! For, upon her sixteenth Birthday, I shall give to her half of my power, that she and I may take this kingdom, and rule over the land, while you inconsiderate, cruel, and most wicked humans sleep for one hundred years!"

As the queen shrieked, lunging for the baby, Maleficent grabbed the child, and vanished. The three other fairies shrank down to their tiny, pixie forms.

"Fear not," Merryweather said, "I can still bestow my gift." She began to wave her wand, and she said, "Aurora shall inherit Maleficent's powers, but she shall also inherit mine, Flora's, and Fauna's. Then, she may choose what ruler she wishes to be when she comes to become queen of the realm."

"And," Flora said, "We three shall watch over her, keeping her safe until that day, when we may help her to make her choice.

With that he fairies all left the kingdom, the land broken-hearted over the loss of their princess. But Aurora, named Briar-Rose, grew up in Maleficent's castle. And though she did often talk with her 'aunties', her 'mother' was most influential, teaching the girl that humans were not to be trusted, and that only those with an honest heart and good manners should be blessed by magic.
Sounds pretty good, just as good as the original story.
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