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May 1
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Male Antomy 2 by Precia-T Male Antomy 2 by Precia-T
Ok. So this is male anatomy. The steps shows the shapes I usually use to draw anatomy. The fullbody guy looks like a robot and is stiff and it's a good pose to explain the basics. I am often asked how to learn anatomy fast. To be sincere I don't believe there exist a magic, mathematical way to draw the human body easily. Even geometrical shapes are not hyper helpful. The only thing I could say is, that back in school I had to draw 20 bodies like the one above a week. A3 size. It's not very much, but  after drawing 100 stiff streight poses like the one above it was surely easier to understand anatomy better and go further. This step is where you can use any geometric help, and you may count heads if you feel like it's helpful. Just every single body style /cartoonish/ anime/ anime/ other anime/ fashion/realistic have different amount of heads. 
 But then.  What if the body will bend a bit forward. All this head counting....
 So anyway I can't say this is the correct way to draw bodies (what is correct or incorrect in art anywayzzzz), just like under each anatomy set I'm uploading here, I have to highlight that this is only my way to draw a body. I would never dare to say: you should draw that way. For me it's easier that way, for you it might be useless. 

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