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July 15
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TARGA 01: Harpies by Precia-T TARGA 01: Harpies by Precia-T
 EDIT: now, who has read it all, raise hand :stinkeye:

Targa folder with other art you will find here:…


"Targa is a multithreading story based mostly on various RPG games. Plot of the manga in placed in medieval-gothic-baroque-modernist reality of fantasy world with domination of medieval, in which constant war between nations carry on.

In result of arising conflict between high elves and necromanciers a war breaks. Necromanciers have gathered their biggest elf enemies and using magic have separated a territory in elf kingdom (Sylfi) creating Raphar valley. It happens exactly 28 years ago. The created barrier was called magical or mountain barrier.  

Separated nations in Raphar are:  High elves, Common elves, Humans (they are allies)  and Necromansier, Orcs, Harpies (allied antagonists) 

Targa is a kind of a country, military organization. It was created by 5 most powerful and strongest warriors, further called Leaders. They are dictators and rules, politics, economy and army.

Inside Raphar magic does not work so all the nations have to fight using weapons such as swords, halberds, bows etc. 

Other harpies art:
Targa - Olle expressions by Precia-T Targa- Oc Noether by Precia-T  Help, please by Precia-T  How to - digital painting (Targa-Noether) by Precia-T  

Featured watcher (I decided to feature some of my watchers  that I believe deserve more attention) 
:iconbellared: and her cute drawings like this one 
Say Cheese by Bellared

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ThelonePrincess Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014  Hobbyist
I have a question. If the harpies mate with the elves, humans, and necoro's, then why do they hunt THEM? It would seem that those three (human, elf, and, necro) wouldn't have anything to do with the harpies, much less mate with them.
Precia-T Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
war is carrying on between necros and elves. Harpies are necros allies. So mostly Harpies are having fun with necros what is obvious. However their (harpies) unwritten law says that they can do whatever they want, procreate with anyone they want. They just are not allowed to kill other harpies. Of course its different in reverse. Humans who are elves allies are not really allowed to procreate with enemies obviously, so as elves. So it's rather rare (the point is that this is biologically possible)   But still. Love is love. Or rather sex is sex. and it can end with an egg. 
CharlisonX Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014
*raises hand* I read it too, and i have a question about necromancers

the lack of art means they are a WIP, so when we will have details about them?

Precia-T Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
they lack of physical design yet : < Why would you be interested in bad guys anyway ? onion head &quot;smug&quot; 
CharlisonX Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014
one of the secrets of art is the details, every little bit matters XD
and besides, it helps making mental scripts knowing the background, take me, for example necromancy for me is a profession, and its adepts, necromancers, this necromancer-folk stuff puzzles me, so yes, i want to know more about them
Precia-T Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Well that was just a joke. The easiest way to learn more about those characters is to read the story :dummy: 
ZombieHun Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*raises hand* I read it. and have a question which came up as I reading about how they're being hunted.

I know males inherit the fathers traits. Does this mean hes still het. for harpy? Meaning, somewhere in the gene pool, if for some odd reason the harpy is exterminated, would it then make since for them to start popping up anyway because of the males that had the genetics of harpy even if he expresses no visible traits?
Precia-T Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I'm sorry, I don't know what het. is 
CharlisonX Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014
It means heterozygotic. Biology aside, reproduction means scrambling parents' traits and the result becomes the child.
what he meant is: if the common reproductive rules are in charge, there can't be a way to cross-mating between harpies and humans yielding purebloods in both genders, unless of course the genetics involved are more advanced than that, but still non plausible
because the harpies reproduction system would be basically a cloning machine, either yielding a harpy exactly like the mother or a humanoid exactly like the father.
on the other side... this is a basic solution to all the "Chimera issues": hybrid harpy-humanoids, male harpies, and, as Z-Hun said: a harpy sibling of both parents human(with men known to have harpy mothers).

pretty art and history though, can i use as reference?
Precia-T Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
aha. JAk mogłam nie skumać że skrót het. znaczy heterozygotic. kurwa głupia chyba jestem jakaś. 
  Daughters are not a clone of their mothers. They are just very , very similar only in physical meaning. Like Olle is a Daughter of noether, she has the same skin tone but different eyes color. And once again, only physically they are very similar. Same reverse with boys. And it doesn't matter if male is a human, necromancier of elf, if it's a boy he will have similar features to his father's family. He won't look the same as father though. Because those males are 'normal" Having almost the same physical features as mothers is only harpies domain. 

yes you can use it as reference. But actually if it;s about harpies, I put a lot of affort in designing them so I would be greatful if you didn't claim design as yours and give me a credit if you want to use it. 
Best regards and thank you for explaination ^^
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