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TARGA: Marlene OC Wardobe sheet by Precia-T TARGA: Marlene OC Wardobe sheet by Precia-T

This is Marlene but this is also an example of  one of the Sheets I'm drawing as a commissions. It is psd file with all the wardobe elementa on separate named and merged layers so you could dress up your O'c. 
More info about OC Wardobe sheet you will find here:
Your OC Wardobe sheet - explaination by Precia-T


"Targa is a multithreading story based mostly on various RPG games. Plot of the manga in placed in medieval-gothic-baroque-modernist reality of fantasy world with domination of medieval, in which constant war between nations carry on.

In result of arising conflict between high elves and necromanciers a war breaks. Necromanciers have gathered their biggest elf enemies and using magic have separated a territory in elf kingdom (Sylfi) creating Raphar valley. It happens exactly 28 years ago. The created barrier was called magical or mountain barrier.  

Separated nations in Raphar are:  High elves, Common elves, Humans (they are allies)  and Necromansier, Orcs, Harpies (allied antagonists) 

Targa is a kind of a country, military organization. It was created by 5 most powerful and strongest warriors, further called Leaders. They are dictators and rules, politics, economy and army.

Inside Raphar magic does not work so all the nations have to fight using weapons such as swords, halberds, bows etc. 


 Marlene (33) trains young elves in warrior center for teens in Quon. She works there with two other trainers, Nebula and Fist. 
Quon belongs to Felicia and is elf town but Marlene is human. Her presence as elf trainer is a grand exception. Elves and humans are allies but human do not belong to Targa. Marlene does. 
  She is a very warm person such as all human in "Targa". Because I like humans I am a dummy! She is called 'Petit' because elves are much higher then humans. So she looks funny while training with elf friends in barracks. Men loves her though. She is funny, drinks a lot, and is usually in good mood. She's a good pal.
Marlene is also known from her great strenght in fists. She uses sword but could leave it and fight with hands only. The other characteristic feature is her strong voice. She can be lauder then big elf man. 

She is very caressing toward her elf students who are mostly orphans (because of war). So for 12-14 years old elves her love is concidered as parental act but for Nebula and Fist as thoughtless act because those kids are warriors after all and they might die at any moment during the battle. Marlene knows that but still she believes that they deserve care. 
Her motherly way of being doesn't mean she is weak toward her pupils. She is strict and exacting, not that much as Nebula but other then Nebula, she can acknowledge them. 
  Marlene is the only character from "Targa" that really exist (visually). But in real she wasn't teaching swordmanship but geography in my highschool, years ago. I didn't know her much but, she was a beautiful woman I couldn't forget. 
Heres Marlenes art: 
Marlene, Miver ,Callis by Precia-T Female poses 3 (Targa) by Precia-T Female poses, interactions (Targa) by Precia-T
If you like my art I encourage you to follow me there: Facebook - my profile
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Motherflarger Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014
Very nice! I love the character designs!
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Marlene is amazing!
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Second outfit looks like something out of Final Fantasy.
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quite the wardrobe change! 
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cool armor =D
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wow, cant decide if i prefer her in armour or in the outfit with the double skirt on bottom row, they all look great though
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i like the 2nd from the left on the bottom row the best :D
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